Glamping makes your camping experience comfortable and luxurious. You will find high-quality glamping rentals and overnight stays in luxurious tents, yurts, teepees, airstreams and cabins that do not break the bank.  Glamping allows you to bring all the amenities you desire to your outdoor adventure.   


When it comes to glamping we prefer to use our Airstream Globetrotter.  Some of our favorite places to go are all located in our home state of California. You can’t beat the weather. Winter is quite mild. In December we usually take a two week glamping trip. I consider it a California central coast loop trip. Consisting of 4 to 5 different RV Parks.  Sometimes going as far as Jenner, CA. Jenner is located off highway 1 north of Bodega Bay. We love Bodega Bay as well. It has now become a tradition. 

The main difference between a traditional camping and a glamping trip are the bonuses that make your stay more comfortable, but there are some special things you can bring along that should help you take your trip to the next level. To turn every camping trip into a glamping experience, you need a fantastic accommodation, luxurious basic amenities and a little creativity. Glamping offers additional amenities compared to conventional camping trips and is therefore the best answer to the needs of your family.


 As glamping becomes more and more popular, the accommodations available can range from simple tents to real beds. Glamping allows guests to sleep in comfortable beds and enjoy a beautiful natural environment. It is an ideal compromise if you do not want to camp or sleep on the ground.    


The best glamping destinations in the USA promise comfortable beds, breathtaking views and easy access to nature. From luxurious canvas tents to airstreams, Glamping or glamorous camping is a new trend on the rise in the outdoor world.  


Glamping is my therapy. I hope it is yours too. Happy Glamping and safe travels!!!