"Feel the Fear" Bandana

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When I wear this " Feel the Fear" Bandana it's a reminder to myself that its ok to be afraid. Just don't let that fear hold you back. Fear is natural and sometimes, we as humans tend to hide behind it. Believe me been there done that. Come on unleash your inner super hero and wear this with me as we conquer our fears!!

Wear or tuck this super soft hand-dyed and triple washed bandana to add interest to your fearless self. Bandanas are an easy way to add color to any outfit.  This bandana features a hand-drawn Phoenix design with "Feel the Fear"  words on one corner.  Machine wash cold, slight fading to be expected. 

*Color: Army green

*Size: 21x21

*Made In Usa. 100% Cotton



                                                                                                  JENNI EARL