Burton Leather Wallet - Sand / Rustic Brown - Unisex

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If your like me and everything needs a special place in your handbag or wallet. Then you will definitely love the unique and eclectic charm of the Burton card organizer. The Burton 2 Pocket leather slim vertical wallet is perfect for credit cards, cash or business cards. Each piece will have slight variations in markings and rustic edges due to the use of leather refuse. Unisex appeal. Nice gift for your significant other.

No two wallets will look exactly alike. These are made from odd-lot hides, leather refuse, or both. Odd lot hides are rustic, small-batch, have imperfections and each color will come and go quickly so if you see one you love, order it.       

*Any difference to each piece are a special characteristic of the leather used,   which should not be considered a defect.


* 100% LEATHER 

*Dimensions: 2.75" wide x 3.75-4" long  *Made In the USA, *100% Leather


Bernice London