Rose Quartz Sage Bundle

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These are beautiful. I love these little bundles.  I don't just use these as a smudge bundles at home. I take them when I'm glamping too. The raw Rose quartz crystal will add a sense of serene calmness to you trip. I love to decorate with them also. They look so beautiful just placed on a dish anytime you want add a Bohemian chic vibe to your home.  *Handmade In the USA

Cultivated white sage sage with spring roses, lavender, statice and gypsophila and a raw Rose Quartz crystal wrapped with a hemp cord. Approx. 4” long.

*Statice will be pink or lavender depending on seasonal availability. Allow for slight color variations due to drying patterns of natural elements.

*Rose Quartz the stone of love, compassion and tenderness, has been given as a token of love and affection for centuries.

*To use: Remove tag. Hold bundle to flame until lit, blow out, let smolder. Allow smoke to rise through the air. Reignite as needed. As always take caution when burning, use a fire safe bowl and snuff out in sand, if needed.

*Dimensions: 0.16 lb